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Browin analog thermometer

Average Rating: Not Rated
Manufacturer: BROWIN
Shipping fee: €8.00


Browin food thermometer, insertion thermometer.  Accurate, waterproof, analog, fast, practical, stylish

  • fully waterproof analog thermometer with  large dial
  • It can be attached to the side of the dish with a stainless clip
  • a red mark can be adjusted to the temperature you want to reach
  • Operating  range 0 to 100°C
  • +/- 1°C accuracy
  • circular scale diameter 5.3 cm
  • sensor length 17.5 cm
  • easy  to keep clean, compact
  • robust

It can be pinched to the dish, and it does not harmed if it falls into the liquid

Recommended use:

  • cheese-making
  • yoghurt preparation
  • insertion thermometer, steak making, grilling
  • brewing
  • general kitchen thermometer
  • inserting thermometer


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