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Camembert making kit

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Get what you need in one package at discount to make camembert cheese.

Camembert making recipe

Optional thermometers:

Package contains:
2 pcs ripening boxes with cheese net
Natural rennet 100ml
Camembert culture for 50 litres of milk (5 capsules)
4 pcs 250 g soft cheese molds
4 pcs 1/2kg soft cheese molds
10 pcs heart shaped cheese molds
Calcium chloride 100 g

Optional thermometer (choose upper)

The camembert is a special soft cheese, which is ripened from the outside inwards by the white mold developing on its surface. In addition to ripening, it grows a snow-white silky fur coat, surrounded by a soft mushroom smell. A perfectly ripened camembert, a soft stream of cheese flows under the fur shell, while the middle "core" of the cheese has not yet completely softened.  It's an experience to make, and an experience to taste.  I recommend this package to those who have the patience for 2-3 weeks to pat, rotate, humidify their favorite cheese, -it is worth it! The package includes the necessary tools and raw materials.

During maturation, it requires temperatures around 14-15°C and high humidity. GN1/2 food storage box + ripening net insert. Gastronorm standard, durable design. You can place the cheeses on the cheese ripening net, which ensures that the white mold can develop evenly at the bottom of the cheese. For humidification, it is necessary to moisten the bottom of the box gently, and then lay the net and cheeses on it. This should be done daily, when turning cheeses. 

Size: 325x265 mm, 100 mm deep


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