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Cheese harp - curd cutter (30 cm)

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Manufacturer: YOBIOTIK
Shipping fee: €8.00


The cheese harp is an important tool in cheesemaking, because the quality and speed of curd shredding fundamentally affects the quality of the cheese being made. The curd is cut so that the whey can trickle out of the curd. The more evenly we can cut the curd, the better the texture of the cheese dough will be, so the quality of the cheese and the loss of whey will also be less. 
Material: full stainless steal
First, you need to do the cutting with a slower, then a firm quick movement. 
If you want harder cheese, chop the curd grains quite finely with the help of the cheese harp. This increases the surface area where whey can escape from the curd grains. 
Use a curd mixer to avoid sticking the grains together during afterheat.

cutting surface length: 30 cm
cutting surface width: 13.5 cm 
Stringing: 8-string
Inox handle: 35 cm


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