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Cheese muslin - elastic polyethylene filter 90x90 cm

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Manufacturer: SEROWAR
Shipping fee: €8.00


Cheesecloth made of elastic polyethylene

The conical shape of the holes causes the whey flowing only one direction. This property gives extraordinary benefit to the muslin by ensuring the capillary drainage of whey during the production of cheese and cottage cheese. From the cheese cloth, the cheese matter can be easily removed, its surface is very smooth.

Beneficial properties:

  • does not absorb and does not retain moisture
  • optimal whey outlet through microperforation
  • cottage cheese or cheese does not stick to the cloth, so it is easy to separate
  • forms a smooth, homogeneous surface on cheeses
  • elastic
  • reusable after washing at 60-70°C

During use, make sure that the cloth is placed with the smooth side towards the cheese, as this is how the funnel microperforation prevails!


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