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Coconut yogurt with chia seeds


How does it "work"?

Coconut milk with honey and chia seeds is cultured with the pre-dissolved probiotic yogurt culture. Chia seeds swell, make yogurt dense.

The aroma of chia and the crunchyness of the tiny seeds make it an even more special dessert.

In this nutrient-rich, warm (43-45 °C) environment, bacteria multiply incredibly quickly.

They feed mainly on honey and other carbohydrates, while producing lactic acids, enzymes and vitamins. In just a few hours, the complete transformation happens. The probiotic coconut yogurt dessert is ready! Did you know that bifido bacteria multiply in plant-based dairy products about 4x better than in animal milks?

Making it is simple:

If you choose our A4Y yogurt culture for the preparation, the milk should only be heated to 43-44 °C! In this case, all the temperatures indicated in the recipe should be considered as 43-44 °C!

I pour 1 liter of coconut milk into a saucepan.

I start heating it to 43-45 °C. Meanwhile, I mix 1 tablespoon of honey or granulated sugar. (food for bacteria, which is mostly converted to lactic acid) Add 6 tablespoons of chia seeds, stirring constantly. I dissolve 1 measuring spoonful of Yobiotik yogurt culture in small lukewarm water. When the milk with chia seeds and honey is 43-45 °C, I also mix the dissolved culture. I pour it into jars of yogurt and put it in a yogurt maker. ( 44 °C, 6-8 hours ) or put it in the oven at 44 °C to keep it from cooling. (polyfoam, food thermos, etc. also can help to keep it from cooling, it doesn't matter if it stays warm)

After 1-2 hours, I stir it once, because chia seeds and bacteria are better distributed in coconut milk. It takes 6-8 hours for the bacteria to do the job and acidify the coconut yogurt fine enough.

Taste and smell after 6 hours of fermentation. It will smell like yogurt and have a slightly sour taste in this state.

If you want it to be more sour, then continue fermenting. If it feels pleasantly sour, refrigerate for 6 hours.

Long shelf life. (can easily last up to 2 weeks in the fridge because fermentation preserves it)


You can also make it by placing a layer of fruit or slightly sugary fruit jelly on the bottom of the mug and making the yogurt with it.

In this case, this layer also takes part in fermentation, together your dessert will be long-lasting. You can add fresh fruits, oilseeds, muesli, dried fruits, honey, jam, you can vary it to your taste. :)