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Cream cheese recipe

Cream cheese recipe


1. CULTURING: While heating, I already prepare the dissolved the culture. For 10 litres of milk, I dissolve 1 capsule of cream cheese culture in a little lukewarm water. I mix this solution into milk at 23 °C. I cover the pot and 5 -10 minutes ripening began.

2. INOCULATION OF MILK: After 10 minutes, at 23 °C, I mix 0.8-1 ml of natural rennet in 10 litres of milk. I leave the pot in a warm place, all the way at 22-23 °C.

10-12 hours of clotting time follows. At this time, you should no longer stir, heat, move the milk. At low temperatures, with little rennet, liquid milk slowly turns solid. But there is hardly anything to do with it, we just have to wait patiently!

3. CUTTING THE CURD: I cut the clotted milk into 4 x 4 cm columns with a long-bladed knife that completely penetrates the curd. First, I cut it all the way in one direction as 4 cm, and then perpendicular to it again as 4 cm. No further cutting is required.

4. SEDIMENTATION: 8-10 hours of settling follows. I keep the pot covered between all processes. During sedimentation, the whey comes out from the curd.

5. SHAPING: Handle the soft curd gently and carefully so that the cheese can become soft and creamy later on. I transfer the curd with the help of a large strainer, into a bowl lined with a cheesecloth. You should not shake or crush the clot, because then the end result will be less creamy.

6. DRIPPING: I tie the four corners of the cheesecloth and hang it on a hook so that the whey can trickle out of it. I drip it for 6-10 hours. Then I unwrap the cloth and gently roll over the cheese. What was at the bottom is now at the top. I tie the four corners of the cloth again and another 6-10 hours of dripping follows.

The cream cheese is made at 22-23 °C throughout. (In warmer weather, a shorter drip of up to 2x6 hours may be enough.)

7. SEASONING: I unwrap the cloth and cover the cheese in a larger bowl. I salt it, season it, mix it until foamy. This can be done with a grinder, hand blender, shredder or by hand.

8. STORAGE: It will last 10-14 days in the refrigerator. Its shelf life is affected by its saltiness and seasoning. Salt preserves and brings out flavors! Feel free to use it.