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Gluten-Free Light Bread Baking Package

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Manufacturer: YOBIOTIK
Shipping fee: €8.00


The package includes our well-known sourdough starter, which has always been gluten-free, three types of gluten-free flours, and an additional ingredient, one of our latest products. The gluten-free bread dough base allows you to bake a truly light bread similar to traditional bread. The base is a great idea and the result of many months of work. We are confident that with this technique, you can bake truly delicious gluten-free bread!

Everything in the kit is additive-free, making the breads you bake with it different from store-bought breads and gluten-free flour mixes. Homemade bread made with this package will contain no preservatives, flavor enhancers, texture improvers, or any other additives! Of course, the package is not only suitable for bread baking. Feel free to bake pizza, rolls, croissants, etc. We are constantly working on developing and uploading new recipes :)

You can bake 5 delicious 60 dkg loaves of white bread from it.

Package contents:

  • 12 servings of sourdough starter
  • 250 g gluten-free bread dough base
  • 500 g rice flour
  • 500 g tapioca flour
  • 500 g millet flour

In addition to these, you will only need non-iodized salt and water for bread baking.


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