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SAM3 - P. camemberti white mold (10 D)

10 D
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Manufacturer: DANISCO
Shipping fee: €8.00


Danisco SAM 3 LYO - Penicillium candidum ripening culture. The contents of the package are 10 D which is the recommended amount for 5000 litres of milk.

expiry: August 2023 
weight: 5.1 g

Geotrichum spreads very quickly on the surface of the cheese and provides a good microbial basis for the development of Camembert-type molds (Penicillium candidum) and other yeasts and bacteria that require a neutral environment, among others. Thus, it also affects the surface of the cheeses ripening with rouge flora in a favorable direction, helping the  work of Brevibacterium. Its most important effect is the rapid de-acidification of the cheese surface, which provides a basis for the spread of other acid-sensitive yeasts and bacteria. 
One dose is recommended for vaccinating 500 litres of milk. 
Storage: -18°C - in a freezer
A.) can be used directly mixed with cheese milk
B.) dissolved in water, squirted on the surface of the cheese or to treat the ripening chamber.


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