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Sourdough culture - YoBiotik - 12 portions

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Manufacturer: YOBIOTIK
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You can find our sourdough bread recipe here!

Bread sourdough mixture, for 12 baking

Comletly gluten-free!

Long sourdough for the hatching of delicious and healthy pastries.

The result of a year and a half of experiments is that you have managed to assemble a mixture that allows you to bake real sourdough breads and other pastries. From the beginning, the concept was to make a culture for long fermented sourdough, because this is how we can bake the most healthy and delicious home bread. 
Read more about Yobiotik sourdough culture here

The bacteria and selected yeast strains increases the bioavailability of nutrients of the bread. With 18-24 hours of slow fermentation, not only healthier breads can be baked, but such consistency, bread crumb and taste are only characteristics of sourdough breads.

Packaging: including spoon, resealable (trowel) packed in a PE-ALU bag. (available per 12, 24, 60, 120 servings) 
Contains a mixture of yeasts and bacteria for fermenting sourdough.

Use the supplied spoon to measure enough powder from the bag to make the spoon full (not humped). This amount is recommended for the preparation of 1 kg of baked goods. 
YoBiotik sourdough culture storage: maintains its quality at -18 °C (freezer).

- lactic acid bacteria
- assorted yeast strains
- inulin (plant based fiber)
- bacteria carrier: maltodextrin, sucrose, lactose


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