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Sourer yogurt recipe with A4Y culture




( It will also be delicious from store-bought 2.8 or 3.5 milk. If you make it from store bought milk, then the step below, the heat treatment of the milk, has already been done for you :) Start the preparation by heating the milk to 43-44°C. )

If you do not make it from store-bought milk, then it is necessary to pasteurisation raw milk before making yogurt:

I rinse a saucepan with water and pour the milk into it. I heat the milk to 90-92°C. Above 40 °C, heat it slowly, because due to the high temperature, it is easy for milk sugars to burn to the bottom of the dish. To measure the temperature, you can find a thermometer here
 (Heat goat's milk to 92-95 °C for 10 minutes!)

Recooling milk to 43-44 °C

(In case of store-bought milk, I heat the milk to 43-44 °C) Recooling can be done most quickly and practically with a water bath. Avoid boiling milk, as it will be less suitable for dairy products.

Mixing culture with milk at 43-44°C

I take the culture out of the fridge and dissolve it in 1-2 tablespoons of lukewarm water, then mix it in milk at 43-44°C. I keep this temperature for 6-10 hours. The right temperature is important, because only in this region can the bacterium multiply properly, actively work. Heat retention is best solved by controllable fermentation machines. For larger amounts of milk, we recommend the thermobox + GN pot combination, or the use of an electric oven.

6-12 hours of fermentation is required for the yogurt to clot and acidify sufficiently

By tasting, you can decide which flavor you like, how sour the yogurt should be? Do not mix the yogurt during tastings, as this will disturb cloagulation. If it is clotted and sufficiently sour I quickly put it in the fridge because it takes a few more hours for the final consistency to develop, for the flavours to round out. In this case, you should not stir or pour the yogurt yet! It is also very tasty with fresh fruit, muesli, honey, seeds, syrup, jam or without them.

Store the finished yogurt in the refrigerator so it will last well for 10-15 days.

Good health, delicious yogurts!

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