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Universal fermenting machine - Yogurt maker

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Manufacturer: BROWIN
Shipping fee: €8.00


Yogurt maker, fermenter - acidifying device adjustable with temperature and time range

This small machine is much more than a yogurt machine, because it is free to adjust the temperature and duration on it. Therefore, it can be universally used to make probiotic dairy products, plant substitutes, fermented pickles, Asian specialties, soft drinks at home. Usage is very simple, its energy consumption is minimal. Here you will find recipes and bacterial starters for the most delicious fermented dishes to prepare at home.

They can be made in it:

- probiotic yoghurts
- cream cheeses
- vegetable yoghurts
- kefir
- fermented pickles (kimchi, sourdough cucumbers, sauerkraut, etc.) 
- vegetable cheeses, sour cream
- fermented juices, soft drinks
- ginger beer
- rice wine
- black garlic, miso, natto, tempe, etc....

Contents of the package:
- programmable fermentation device
- 7 maturing glasses with plastic tops (180 ml)

Options for setup:

fermentation temperature: 20-60 °C, in 1 degree increments
fermentation period: 1-48 hours, in 1 hour increments

Technical data:

size: 24 x 27.5 x 10.5 cm
energy consumption: 20W
capacity: 7 cups can hold 1.3 litres total
weight: 1.9 kg


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