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YO-MIX 883 Yogurt culture (50 DCU)

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Manufacturer: DANISCO
Shipping fee: €8.00


Danisco YO_MIX 883 yogurt culture - a solid yoghurt with mild after-acidity, excellent taste can be made with its help. 
Also recommended for the preparation of yogurts based on vegetable ingredients

preserves quality: Aug 2023 (older photo) 

quantity: 50 DCU - 1250-2500 litres of yogurt can be made with its help

product description can be downloaded here

Yogurt culture blends slightly sour, to make dense yogurts. The package contains 50 DCU (~6 grams) of culture, which is enough to make 250-500 litres of yogurt

Dosage: 10-20 DCU / 100 litres of milk (1.2-2.4 grams / 100 litres of milk)

DCU is Danisco's own unit of measurement for determining the required culture dose. 
DCU=Danisco Cultures Units
DVI (for direct inoculation)
LYO (freeze-dried)

Streptococcus thermophilus
- Lactobacollus delbrueckii subs. Bulgaricus

- Bacteria carriers: sucrose, maltodextrin

Storage: +4 °C or below 

Recommended technologies:
- fresh milk thermalization 92°C / 10 minutes
- rapid cooling back 45-46°C (with pipe spiral or water bath, etc.) 
- culture dissolving in a little lukewarm water- thorough mixing in milk
- dunking for 3.5 - 6 hours until the required acidification level is reached
- post-ripening, firming in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours- storage in the refrigerator


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