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Double cheese press made of stainless steel with removable gastro tray

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Manufacturer: YOBIOTIK
Shipping fee: €8.00


Two independent cheese presses with one inox whey tray

It can be used for different cheeses and with different weights at the same time.  You can either press one larger cheese or several identical smaller cheeses with the 2 levers at the same time. The position of the presses can be adjusted independently according to the needs of pressing. 
We designed and perfected it for ourselves based on our daily making experience. Every detail was conceived to serve the cheesemaker and the cheese. When rotating, there is no winding, you just need to release a ratchet, so it is very fast to turn the cheese. Whey is collected in the whey tray. Several tiers can be built from cheeses. It takes up little space, is very effective, lightweight, durable, practical. The 6 kg gouda form even fits comfortably.

  • friendly, easy to use
  • precise pressing force: 1 kg weight = 10 kg pressure
  • practical removable whey tray (standard GN dish)
  • simple, fast cheese rotation
  • high load capacity
  • durable, stainless
  • two presses can be used together

Gear ratio: 1 kg weight = 10 kg pressure
Maximum pressure: 2 x 50 kg 
Useful internal dimensions: 50 x 27 cm / 26 cm height
frame external dimensions: 40 cm wide, 48 cm high, 20 cm leg width 
Arms length: 40 cm 
removable GN tray dimensions: 53 x 32,5 x 4 cm

Plastic cheese moulds and weight are not part of the package!


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