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Lysozyme enzyme - 10 pcs

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Manufacturer: YOBIOTIK
Shipping fee: €8.00


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Lysozyme enzyme powder of 95% purity for food use.

An active enzyme is white coloured that is easily soluble in cold water. 
Lysozyme occurs frequently in nature, it is economically obtained from egg whites. 
In medium- and long-ripening cheeses, it inhibits its reproduction by breaking down the cell wall of Clostridium, which is responsible for butyric acid production or late bloating. 
Storage: 2-30°C, dry, cool location.

Recommendation for use:
1 capsule for 10 litres of milk or 2 g lysozyme enzyme / 100 litres of milk
Lysozyme powder should be mixed before use in a little cold water (tap water). 
Mix thoroughly in the cheese milk a few minutes before the rennet. 
At the same time as curding, lysozyme is electrostatically bound to casein molecules, therefore, after separating curd and whey, more than 90% of the active enzyme remains in the curd.

Condition: powder
solubility: optimal (cold water)
colour: white
enzyme activity: at least 35000 FIP/mg
purity: at least 95%
Allergens: this product is made from eggs

Lysozyme begins to destroy Clostridia spores when anaerobic conditions develop in the middle of the cheese, the polluting spores of Clostridium tyrobutyricum begin to multiply slowly. The lysozyme injected into the milk, which remained on the curd, breaks down the cell wall of Clostridium. This property is retained until the end of ripening.


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