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Smoke generator for home smoking

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Manufacturer: DYMBOX
Shipping fee: €8.00


Smoke generator for smoking cheeses and meats

Easy to use, cheap operation, durable design, practical cleanability, sturdy construction. We send in one package the complete set for smoke production and a kilogram of wood chips filler. It takes 3 minutes to assemble, does not require tools. Thanks to precise design, the parts just have to be slipped into each other. The rate of smoke development can be controlled on the air pump. Due to the wood chip operation, a variety of aromas of smoke can be developed depending on the filling. It can be operated economically and reliably, which is why it is popular with small manufacturers and hobbyists.

You will also need a box, crate, cabinet into which you will introduce the smoke pipe. For smoking cheeses, a small refrigerator will work well, because you can place the cheeses on the grills. The cabinet itself closes precisely, and also insulates the heat. Otherwise, any wooden or metal cabinet or lockable grill in which you can comfortably pack and hang the smoked foods is suitable for the purpose. To hang the goods, put bars in the upper part, and further down, make rails for a few lattice shelves so that you can freely vary it to suit the current smoking. To introduce smoke, it is necessary to drill a hole of 30 mm in the lower third of the cabinet. The smoke machine can be disassembled in a couple of movements, therefore it is easy to clean.

Package contents:

  • smoke generator
  • air pump, adjustable
  • connecting pipe
  • 1 kg beech chips
  • operating instructions

Technical data, dimensions:

  • height: 400 mm
  • diameter: 90 mm
  • material quality: 2 mm thick inox
  • filling capacity: 2.32 litres- smoking time with 1 filling: 3-6 hours depending on the blower setting. (smaller grain size, with wooden chips, time can be significantly increased)
  • blower compressor: 230V 3.6W


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