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250 g pasta filata - pizza mozzarella mould

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Manufacturer: ANELLI
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Pasta filata is a family of heated, kneaded cheeses. The first step is to prepare the basic cheese, which can be created by a variety of methods. What they have in common is to ripen the sufficiently sour cheese matter and then it placed in a drainer, heated and shaped to stretchable in boiling water until the right fibrous texture is obtained.
Parenyica, Mozzarella, Burrata, Provolone, Scamorza, kaskavál, etc. 
With pasta filata cheese moulds, you can speed up your work and make nice cheese bars:
Melting the cheese matter than form a sheet shape from it
Lightly salt it and roll tightly. 
Slide the rolled-up cheese stick into the pasta filata mould.
Let it cool a little. 
Turn the cheese so that the ends are the same. 
When it's solidified, knock the cheese sticks out of the mould.

Before rolling up, you can put dry ham, spicy butter, cheese cream on it
You can easily make sliced pizza mozzarella cheese with it. 

Size: 4.7x17 cm for 250 g cheeses
Anelli code: P39320


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