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Manufacturer: YOBIOTIK
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In nature, citric acid is found in most fruits and vegetables, citrus fruits contain the highest amounts. This organic acid can be used for many purposes, such as acidification of food, as a preservative, as an ingredient in cosmetic products, as a household descaler.

Cheese making, ricotta making 
Due to the chemical properties of citric acid, it precipitates whey proteins under the influence of heat. When making Ricotta, at high temperatures, the simple proteins (albumins) left in whey form in a flaky form. Citric acid can also be used to adjust pH. It can promote the production of aromas during the preparation of butter.

Citric acid is found in various processed foods and soft drinks because it gives it a sour taste and also has a preservative effect.

Softener and descaler: 
Breaks down metals and calcium in water, making it ideal for the natural proccesing of all hard water. 
Weak organic acid, good water softener, good descaler. 
Since its smell is neutral, its effect is powerful, so it is better used than vinegar to clean coffee makers, dishwashers, washing machines.

The product is 99% citric acid 1-hydrate, food quality (FCC standard)


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