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Red cheese coat - 200 g

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Cheese coat
The cheese must be protected from external influences and other quality-damaging factors during maturation. Perhaps it is also important that the packaging method used is practical and attractive. Water-based cheese coat forms a solid, glossy coating on the cheese. It prevents the colonization of foreign mold or bacteria, protects from insects, while the cheese itself can "breathe", ripen. 

It can stick well to the cheese when the cheese is dry. At the beginning of ripening, when the salt has not yet been distributed in the cheese and the surface is wet, the cheese "sweats", it is not yet suitable for waxing. The use of cheese wax is very simple, since it is actually nothing more than a coating of paint, which must be applied to the cheese with a brush. Smear one side of the cheese, wait for it to dry, and then smear the other side. It is worth repeating this operation one more time so that the desired layer thickness is formed. Cheese during maturation, it is recommended to turn it over every day and wipe it clean. Before serving, the cheese wax should be pulled off the cheese or cut off with the edge of the cheese. About 25 g of cheese coating is required to coat 1 kg of cheese.

Available packages:
200 g – for 6-8 kg of cheese
500 g – for 16-20 kg of cheese
1000 g – for 35-40 kg of cheese
5 kg - for 160-200 kg of cheese
25 kg - for 800 - 1000 kg of cheese


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