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Ripener box with cheese net - GN1/2 (half size)

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Ripening boxes for ripening and storage of cheeses

Durable food container made of PP grade plastic with lid and cheese ripening mesh. The box is a certified product that fits into the standard Gastronorm system. Protects cheeses from foreign mold, drying out, foreign smells. Inside the ripening chamber, it allows for separate maturation. It is easy to humidify and is therefore particularly suitable for ripening cheeses with moulds and rouge flora. You can place the cheeses on the cheese ripening net, this ensures that the cheese does not get stuffy at the bottom and can ripen evenly. If the cheese requires a humid environment, then the bottom of the box needs to be moistened with a wet towel, and then you can lay the dry mesh and the cheeses on this wet surface. It is worth doing this daily, when turning the cheeses. (e.g. camembert, brie, rouge cheeses, etc.) 

Size: 325x265 mm high: 100 mm 


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